Metals House generates diversified streams of revenue within various segments of the global physical gold supply chain

With operating subsidiaries in both supply and demand countries, Metals House is able to source and deliver precious metals through our operating subsidiary MHGS Trading in the Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC).

The primary business of Metals House is the trading of physical gold and silver. We source and purchase dore bars and gold and silver bullion globally. We verify all precious metals purchases of dore, then refine and deliver good delivery bars to our clients throughout the world. In all of our transactions we comply with all OECD good-sourcing guidelines.

The Market

There is a strong consistent demand for physical precious metals, particularly in Asia. Metals House is well positioned to meet this demand, and its market neutral approach allows it to provide institutional quality services to suppliers and customers.

Multiple Business Lines

Metals House’s business lines allows us to efficiently provide a diverse set of services to our clients under one roof.

Global Reach

With offices in Dubai, Miami, Sao Paulo, Toronto, Nouakchott, Lima, and Hong Kong, Metals House truly has a global reach. Our Dubai location, operating as our primary trading hub, is within a 9-hour flight to three-fourths of the world’s population.


Why Metals house?

World-Class Expertise

Metals House’s Management Team brings over 200 years of real-world experience in finance and precious metals and a vertically-integrated approach to this business. Our Global Head of Technical Services built the first ISO 9001 compliant lab in the United Arab Emirates, and helped write the pertinent laws.

No one knows this business better than we do.


Metals House is committed to operating only in those countries whose regulatory framework and laws are sufficiently mature to ensure that Metals House is able to comply with OECD good sourcing guidelines for precious metals. Our yearly audits require us to have full traceability for every ounce of metal that is sourced by the company.


Metals House’s precious metals inventory is safe in state of the art bonded vaults run by globally recognized security firms, such as Loomis International. In addition, precious metals entrusted to the company are fully insured, whether in transit or in vaulted storage.


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